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Dent Island Kusadasi, ZIRCONIUM CROWNS

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We need  at least 7 days for your dental treatment .First day our Transfer guıde will pick you up from the İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport and  take you to where you will stay at. We will begin your treatment same day.At least 2 hours will be enough for the preparation for your teeth on first day according to your situation.Tretment process can change patient to patient. By the time we finish your treatment for the first day we will send your teeth’s impression to the laboratory for the  process of your new teeth.Meanwhile you will be able to use temporary crowns which we prepared for you…

While your new teeth is being prepared at the laboratory, you will have free time and  you will be able to have a chance to go to VIRGIN MARY HOUSE and EPHESUS free with our licenced guide.

We will see you 3 times on the remaining days for the treatment and your permanent teeth will be ready while you are having fun on our tours.

When it is necessary, 24 or 28 zirconium  crowns can be placed to your mouth according to our doctor advices.

Dent Island Kusadasi,

A crown is a form of a dental restoration that totally covers a tooth or dental implantand it is usually fixed to the tooth or abutment with dental cement. Crowns are made from various materials that are commonly manufactured. Crowns may also be placed over a tooth to enhance the strength or physical appearance of teeth.

There are many types of zirconium crowns being used like Straumann, which is an extremely exceptional product from Switzerland which is also implant brand. This type of zirconium crown has a good reputation for being durable and aesthetically beautiful add the fact that the technology involved with the product is highly advanced.Straumann group gives warranty for the zirconium crowns which is made by our laboratory.


Zirconium is a very strong and reliable substance that can tolerate wear and tear of everyday use. Zirconium crowns are also better from an aesthetic point because it is translucent and looks very similar to a natural tooth as it reflects the light in a similar same way. This is an important factor especially if the new crowns are at the front of the mouth and it is principally significant in cases where the crown will be placed in between natural teeth.


These crowns are so strong that they will not corrode and there will not be any black gum line that usually appears when porcelain fused metal crowns are used. Zirconium crowns also do not have any electrical conductivity so there will be no pains even if the patient drinks hot or cold beverages.


This is proof that zirconium crown has the best aesthetic effect which is the most important factor especially when the crowns will be placed over tooth at the front of the mouth or will be placed beside a natural tooth.


The strength of Zirconium also makes it possible to manufacture crowns without metal frames, this is important because this will make it impossible to properly distinguish zirconium crowns from natural teeth.


The best thing about Zirconium crowns is that their sizes can be determined as well as their shape and colour, ensuring patients will be able to achieve a more natural smile.


Another advantage from other forms of dental aesthetic treatments is that they are biocompatible so there are no risks of any allergic reaction. As a matter of fact, Zirconium is now being used widely in general surgery and not just in dentistry.

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