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Dent Island Kusadasi, COMPOSITE BONDING

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Your dentist will start by choosing a resin colour that matches your tooth best so that the resin attachment looks natural. Your tooth will then be prepared for treatment by slightly roughening the surface. It will then be coated with a liquid which helps the resin to adhere smoothly.


The resin will be applied and moulded into the required shape. It is hardened with a curing light before being shaped again and polished by your dentist until it matches the rest of the tooth.

Dent Island Kusadasi,

If you want to achieve your dream smile, then cosmetic bonding, could be the ideal treatment for you. This restorative and cosmetic procedure requires zero downtime and is a quick and non-invasive treatment. Correcting any imperfections on your teeth can restore your smile quickly and effectively.

Cosmetic bonding is a fuss-free cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves applying malleable dental resin directly to the teeth to produce a restored, impressive-looking smile. There are a number of common dental imperfections that teeth bonding  can correct, including:


Chipped or broken teeth Discoloured teeth Gaps between teeth

And the best bit is that cosmetic bonding is so simple and requires no drilling or intensive surgery to achieve a restored smile


When preparing your teeth for cosmetic bonding, we will usually examine your damaged or discoloured tooth to make sure it’s healthy and that there are no hidden cavities that may cause issues later down the line. We will then delicately reshape the teeth and pay particular attention to the edges of the six upper and lower front teeth, creating a more aesthetically pleasing smile.


Once the bonding resin is in place and you’re happy with the shape of your new teeth, we will apply a UV light to help the resin harden. You should be free to eat after just a few hours.


This treatment can be quick, often lasting no longer than 60 minutes and is unlikely to need the use of anaesthetics. This is a treatment option for those who don’t want or need veneers but feel that their smile needs softening. Are you nervous when it comes to dental visits, but feel unhappy with the way your teeth look when you smile? If so, then teeth bonding just be the perfect solution. This risk-free, easy and pain-free procedure can really transform how your smile looks in just one sitting and is very minimally invasive.


What’s more is that the results of cosmetic bonding are long-lasting, as we only use the strongest and most durable materials, so you can be confident that your new enhanced smile will last you a long time.

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